Making Australia Strong

The heavy construction materials industry produces concrete and its constituent parts; sand, aggregate and cement. The reliable and cost-effective supply to these markets is fundamental to sustainable growth and it is CCAA's aim to promote policies and planning frameworks that recognise the importance of these materials to Australia's sustainable future. 

Click on the below videos and infographic for an overview of the industry and learn how we provide the foundation for our nation's construction and infrastructure markets.



Tasmanian Pit to Pour Tour

To deliver our products to the markets where they are needed, some may think it’s as simple as turning on a tap, but the production and delivery processes are far more sophisticated and complex and involve far more people than meets the eye.

To get a better understanding of how our products are making Australia Stronger everyday, take a look inside a typical operation, visited by Tasmanian Minister for Resources, Building and Construction Sarah Courtney in March 2019.

In March 2019, Tasmanian Minister for Resources, Building and Construction Sarah Courtney visited Boral Launceston’s Mowbray quarry and Invermay concrete plant on a Pit to Pour tour to see first-hand how concrete is made and delivered to a residential site and to meet some of the amazing teams involved in the integrated supply chain. To ensure every infrastructure dollar counts, this supply chain of critical construction materials (cement, concrete, stone and sand) must be efficient and responsive to demand.